Brief Introduction to TensorFlow

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What is TensorFlow?

TensorFlow is a free and open-source software library. It is a symbolic math library. Basically, is can used to developments in machine learning. TensorFlow was developed by the Google Brain team. And it was written using Python, C++, CUDA. It is supported to Linux, macOS, Windows and Android.

What are Top Uses of TensorFlow?

To do developments in large-scale neural network applications, TensorFlow can be used. Mainly, it can be used for Classification, Perception, Understanding, Discovering and Creation. Here are some areas that can be used TensorFlow for developments.

· Image Recognition

The object recognition algorithms in TensorFlow can use to identify objects in larger images. Usually, this is used in engineering applications, to 3D space construction from 2D images.

· Time Series

TensorFlow time series algorithms can use to analyzing data in time series to get meaningful statistics. Further they are used in Finance, Accounting, Security and IoT with risk detection fields to resource planning.

· Sound Recognition

The common use of TensorFlow is in Sound based applications. These can be voice search, voice recognition, sentiment analysis and flew detection.

· Text Based Applications

Text based applications like sentimental analysis, treat detection and fraud detection are mostly used TensorFlow. Language detection, text summarization is some useful example of TensorFlow.

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