In my previous articles, I have given a brief detail on reinforcement learning and some of its algorithms.

Today, I am going to tell you about some simple explanation about how reinforcement agent work in an environment that is never interact before.

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Reinforcement agent when acting within an unknown environment, it learns the optimal behavior to achieve the value function to get the reward. The behavior of agent will be controlled by the policy. First of all, an agent link with input values. Then it changes representation of that data set. …

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In my last article, I have discussed on reinforcement learning briefly. Today let’s talk about some algorithms in reinforcement learning.

To achieve the optimal policy, which is used in reinforcement leaning, there have algorithms in reinforcement learning. In this article I am going to explain some main reinforcement learning algorithms briefly.

Tabular Methods

To learn the optimal action in unknown environment, Q-learning is the simple algorithm in reinforcement learning. Without having a model of an environment, it can learn the optimal and long-term action. This is off-policy. And there have two policies called target policy and behavior policy. Tabular methods…

In machine learning, there have main three areas. Supervised learning, unsupervised learning and reinforcement leaning. Reinforcement learning gives solutions for various kind of planning and control problems. Policy, model of environment, reward signal and value function are major components of reinforcement leaning.

Reinforcement learning can consider as a part of an artificial intelligence. It has become apparent in artificial intelligent systems and fixing sequential decision-making problems. And it was able to pass human level in various fields. Reinforcement learning use different actions and experiment in many successes and failures to interact with an unknown environment. …

“Node Package Manager” is called npm in shortened form. npm is a packet manager for JavaScript programming language. npm is free to use and users can download it from npm public software packages.

npm contains;

  • The website : Use to discover packages , set up profiles and manage other npm user experiences.
  • The CLI : CLI runs from a terminal and npm is interacted with by the developers.
  • The registry : Public and large JavaScript database and contains meta information related to it.

Here are some commands in npm:

  • To install npm (in Windows)- C:\>npm install <package_name>
  • To check your…

When someone says that “You look young for your age” that implies, one person can inhabit to two ages at once. They are called as biological age and chronological age.

Chronological age means the the actual amount of time person has been alive. In other word that indicates the number of candles that we blow out every year. Biological age refers that how old a person seems. That means also the physiological age of a person.

When growing older, hormone levels of person’s can be increase and also decrease. Decreasing of some hormones make us more older. …

Brief Introduction to TensorFlow

What is TensorFlow?

TensorFlow is a free and open-source software library. It is a symbolic math library. Basically, is can used to developments in machine learning. TensorFlow was developed by the Google Brain team. And it was written using Python, C++, CUDA. It is supported to Linux, macOS, Windows and Android.

What are Top Uses of TensorFlow?

To do developments in large-scale neural network applications, TensorFlow can be used. Mainly, it can be used for Classification, Perception, Understanding, Discovering and Creation. Here are some areas that can be used TensorFlow for developments.

· Image Recognition


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